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Jade Salles - Comigo Não

Atualizado: 12 de mai. de 2021

We are pleased to present the first single by Jade Salles, produced in partnership with Erean Sound.

In the second half of 2019 we had the privilege of working with the talented artist Jade Salles in the production of her first single, entitled Comigo Não.

With great influence of american pop, Jade brought us the challenge of printing in the music all of her greatest influences of that moment, bringing in the arrangement elements of jazz, pop music and electronic music.

"One of the most outstanding voices we have worked with". It was amazing to work with Jade, to get to know and assist in her authorial side. She is a very professional musician and it was very easy and light throughout the production process."

Renan Brito, music producer.

Inside The Production

An in-depth study was done on the voice melody that the singer brought us. We tried to make sure that the tone was ideal for her vocal and for what the music asked for. From then on, we carefully built, together with the singer, the instrumental around the main voice melody and the interactions of the instruments with the lyrics.

With careful pre-production, we had full direction of where we wanted to go, and in less than a month the beat was ready and we were scheduling the voice session. In a single and quick session we were able to record all the vocals on the track, thanks to the skills of the singer.

* In all sessions we have the presence of a vocal coach, which in that session was in charge of João Landi.

We achieved our goals in both instrumental and vocal aspects, thus promoting the satisfaction of the artist and everyone involved: producer, managers and coach.

Check the result below.

Official audio of Comigo Não, by Jade Salles.

Official Music video

Shortly after the release of the single "Comigo Não", we happily watched Jade performing on SBT's Shadow Brasil TV show, presented by Raul Gil.

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