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Interview: RAPH

Atualizado: 16 de Nov de 2020

From Luxembourg to Brazil: Exclusive interview with Raph. The international artist tells us about the production of his single.

Bonjour Raph, thank you very much for giving this interview to our website and more than that, we are grateful for the trust always placed in the label. Let's start by talking about this work that is being done.

Erean Sound: We know how remarkable it is to produce the first single. Can you reveal the title and how is this moment going for you? Do you already have a release date forecast?

Raph: We are doing great! We’ve already completed a beautiful song, called Bouge,

which will be released later this year. We are dedicating ourselves and making the work as professional as possible. We want to deliver something very satisfactory to the public.

Erean Sound: How is it to perform a distance production?

Raph: This project that we are doing by distance is all very wonderful. We work at a distance. This does not prevent you from doing wonderful woks. I found not only a record company but a team which the producers are fantastic. So I think that distance is not an obstacle when there is a team spirit as we have with each other.

Erean Sound: What is Bouge about, what is the idea behind it? What message would you like to convey with the song?

Raph: Well, Bouge is a mixture of languages with Portuguese and French. When I composed this song I thought of something joyful and fun. I want to transmit a lot of joy, dance and sensuality to people.

Erean Sound: This mix of cultures and musical styles has been a trend. Was it natural for you to mix brazilian culture with other international styles?

Raph: I think the word is not difficult. But rather dedication and teamwork with the record company. We put all our ideas together in one. And we managed to make this beautiful work together.

Erean Sound: What are your biggest musical influences today?

Raph: My biggest influences are Pabllo Vittar, Anitta and Maluma. I am passionate about their work!

Erean Sound: You are also an exceptional dancer, a very expressive art. And now you are making your own authorial music. What sparked your interest in expressing yourself musically?

Raph: I always liked art, since I was little I couldn't hear a shaken music without start dancing lol. The awakening and the dream of being a singer was already in me. But I guess I never dared to do it. Friends and people told to me (Raf, why don't you become a singer) until I found a record company that showed me even more that this dream could come true.

Erean Sound: Tell us, how is the music scene in Luxembourg? What styles play the most on the radio there?

Raph: Luxembourg does not have art. I am starting a career where there is no art and this is a big challenge. The most played songs here are international. But brazilian funk has grown a lot here, there are now some funk dance parties. It makes me super happy to see the growth of music and Brazilian culture.

Erean Sound: What can we expect from 'Bouge'?

Raph: A lot of joy, energy and also a lot of dancing. I can't wait to show you!

Erean Sound: Thank you very much for the interview, Raph. We wish you a wonderful release of your single, and that it open many doors for you and bring a lot of joy. With great satisfaction we will publish this work on our website as soon as it releases. Feel free to make final considerations.

Raph: Much gratitude for everything that is happening in my life. Thank to God. Thanks to the label for their dedication, professionalism and team spirit.

Thank you all!

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