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RAPH - Bouge

Atualizado: Mai 12

New single is officially released on all digital platforms. Check out "Bouge" in partnership with Erean Sound.

On 19th of November, the single Bouge is officially released on all streaming platforms, Raph's new working song.

In this great project we had the honor to create beat, record, mix and master the song of the singer who lives in Luxembourg, Europe.

A specialized team of producers was in charge of the entire production: Renan Brito as director and producer, Leandro Menezes as vocal producer and Bruno Nascimento as master engineer of the track. Production signed by Erean Sound.

A mixture of cultures, dancing rhythms, a lot of energy and high spirits can be some ways to describe Bouge, but only listening to feel it.

Check out Bouge, Raph's new song:

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